July 27, 2018

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News release # 59
July 27, 2018

On July 27, 2018 our friend, the English Editor of Bashan Foundation and The Bashan Institute of Science, Mr. Ira Fogel passed away at the age of 83 while fully active in science editing.

Only few members of these institutions knew Mr. Fogel personally and his contribution to us. Since 2000 every piece of text presented today in the two websites had to pass his sharp eyes. He was doing all the editing voluntarily as his own contribution for science.

With time, the foundation will construct a memorial website for him.

May he rest in peace.


Ira Fogel
News release # 58
June 21, 2018

The 11th International – Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) conference held in June 17-21, 2018 in Victoria, Canada recognized Prof. Joseph Kloepper of Auburn University, Alabama, USA, member of the Bashan foundation and Associate Scientist of the Bashan Institute of Science as the founder of the PGPR research field and as the scientist with the most significant contribution of moving this field from academic concept to commercial products used commonly around the world.

The conference recognized Prof. Yoav Bashan the President of Bashan Foundation and Bashan Institute of Science as the pioneer of the emerging research field of “Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) for environmental use” and that this is one of the most significant contribution to the PGPR research field.

A special homage for both scientists was presented.

Homage created by the organizers of the conference for Prof. Yoav Bashan (3 min, 8mb).

Message of the Director of the Program (=Dean) at CIBNOR Mexico where the research group of Prof. Bashan responsible for that recognition is located to the academic personal of the research center

(In Spanish).


Prof. Joseph Kloepper.


Prof. Yoav Bashan.
News release # 57
June 16, 2018

Prof. Dilantha Fernando, of the Department of Plant Science at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg Canada and member of the Bashan Foundation from its inception was appointed as Dean of Studies at St. Paul’s College, University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Dilantha’s responsibilities are to be leading the assembly of St. Paul’s College which comprises of faculty members from all faculties at the university and work with undergraduate and graduate students. St. Paul’s College is renowned for its academic pursuits and humanitarian activities, especially through the Arthur Mauro Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies. There are 40 PhD students in the Peace and Conflict Studies Program at the present time from around the world research on conflicts and conflict resolutions. Dilantha is the first Dean of Studies of St. Paul’s from a ethnic minority background in its 92-year history. A renowned plant pathologist and a biological control researcher, Prof. Fernando holds a Full Professorship position in the Department of Plant Science where he has an active research program into wheat and canola host-pathogen interactions. His research encompasses both applied and fundamental research at the molecular level. Prof. Fernando has 130 peer reviewed publications, several book chapters and has won several prestigious awards for teaching, research and service at the local, national and international level.

Prof. Fernando was elected as the 89th President of the Canadian Phytopathological Society during the society at the annual meetings held in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada from June 16-21st. Dilantha served as President-Elect from June 2017-June 2018 and Vice-President of the CPS from June 2016 to June 2017. Prof. Fernando also sits on the Financial Advisory Board of the CPS and is the Chair of the Science Policy Committee of the CPS. Under Dilantha’s leadership as CPS President, CPS will be signing a MOU with APS on August 1st 2018 in Boston, MA, USA at the International Congress of Plant Pathology to strengthen cooperation and partnerships between the two premier plant pathology societies in North America. Prof. Fernando also served on the Plant Canada Executive Board of Directors for two years.


Prof. Dilantha Fernando.
News release # 56
April 03, 2018

On April 3, 2018 our friend, one of the leaders of the mycorrhizae research field in the world and member of our foundation Jose-Miguel Barea Navarro of the Experimental Station of Zaidín, Granada, a research station of the “Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas” (CSIC) of Spain passed away at the age of 76 while fully active in science.

The scientific legacy of Jose Miguel will be conserved in the permanent archives of the foundation for generations to come.

With time, the foundation will construct a memorial website for him.

May he rest in peace.


Dr. Jose Miguel Barea Navarro.
News release # 55
January 15, 2018

On January 15, 2018 Prof. Yoav Bashan, the President of “The Bashan Foundation” and the President of “The Bashan Institute of Science” was selected to the rank of “National Researcher by Merit” by the Mexican Federal Government Research System.

This life time rank is the highest rank for a scientist in the Mexican research system, given for significant lifetime contributions to the country.

It is the first of its kind for the Northwestern Center for Biological Research (CIBNOR), where Prof. Bashan is the Group leader of an active research team.