The Bashan Foundation* is a private, nonprofit foundation. Its sole mission is to promote high quality, scientific research and arts [plastic arts and music] for the benefit of humanity. Promotion of science and arts is carried on mainly by the following avenues:

  1. Provide free access to research papers and research data supported by the Bashan Foundation via its website.
  2. Provide exposure for yet-to-be-discovered artists via its website.
  3. Provide partial scholarships for talented graduate students from developing countries with limited financial resources to study and complete their education at the master, and doctoral, levels in accredited graduate schools.


For the excellence of science

Explaining the Arms of The Bashan Foundation (pdf)

The Bashan Foundation intends to support graduate students who are dedicated to basic and applied environmental research. The Foundation covers a wide range of research fields ranging from the biological sciences to the arts. The Bashan Foundation is especially interested in engaging in new, particularly innovative fields of research that are at the forefront of a particular field of emerging research, or have, as yet, not found a footing at universities or research institutes. As these research areas are often interdisciplinary in nature, and usually underfunded, they do not usually receive sufficient support from the common grant systems of most countries.

The Bashan Foundation is expected to gain new insights at the forefront of the process of acquiring knowledge, where research demands the greatest degree of competence and dedication, but at the same time, yield the highest possible levels of innovation, and most importantly, to make it available to the public. All research supported by The Bashan Foundation must be of a high quality, allowing publication in common scientific journals.

The Bashan Foundation is distinguished by the following qualities:

  • Research results must be published and be freely accessible to all.
  • Excellence is the decisive and sole criterion for granting scholarships.